A hobby goes on line (updated August 2015)

After collecting costumed dolls for over 50 years, I decided in 2012 to stop wasting my time with Farmville and television repeats, etc and learn more about my dolls and share this information with others who enjoy this hobby. Many of my 120 dolls I have bought or were bought for me in their country of origin though in the past few years, I have been collecting dolls from flea markets, Oxfam shops and the like, or friends and family have kindly bought them for me.

It is now 2015 and finding the background information has proven to be more difficult than I first thought despite the mines of information on the net, so I am only on to doll 25. I have promised myself to make a concerted effort to get a few more dolls on the site and revise those presented so far.

The word babog is actually bábóg, the Gaelic for doll and is a nod in the direction of my ancestors though I cannot speak Gaelic nor do I live in the Land of My Fathers / Mothers. It also does not get the sites which pop up if you use the English word “doll” in your search engine.

As I am living in Germany, I have set up a parallel German-language site (my German is not necessarily that pure), so for the German speakers among you, I refer you to that site, though sadly it is far behind the English language one. Another thing to sort out, but I think rather during the long winter evenings than now during the lovely summer (though often rainy) days.

I look forward to hearing from any doll aficionados out there


(1st August 2015)

P.S.: The photographs for the first twenty-four dolls are thanks to Janek and his skill at making even dolls look like they are not just puppets. However, I have finally learnt how to take such photos myself and so if the rest of the pictures are not so perfect, this is my own fault.


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