santon alsace

France: Provencal santon figurine wearing traditional Alsatian costume

santon alsace
Santon with knitting

General description Elderly married woman wearing traditional Alsatian costume and carrying knitting (handmade).

Dimensions: 21.8 cm x 10.0 cm x 8.0 cm

Date when acquired: 2011

Original Date: Unknown

Source: Santons Yolande, Provence, France (label: Syndicat des Santonniers de Provence; veritable Santon d’Argile)

Bought by Dawn at a flea market in the Göttingen area, Germany.


Body Painted terracotta

santon alsace
Back view


This elderly lady is wearing the typical Alsatian headdress [schlupfkàpp (bow cap)] made of black silk on top with the white lace peeking out around her face. The bow and the lappets are just to her shoulders, which are in contrast to the big bow and long lappets in the other Alsatian doll. A piece of ribbon with the French tricolour is attached to the left part of the bow.

Her long red skirt has gold and black braid around the bottom 1.5 cm from the edge. The straight cut of the skirt characterise the early period of this costume when clothes were made at home out of linen, hemp, etc., and care was taken not to waste any material. On top of the skirt is a black apron with white lace around the edge. A white bird with a yellow beak and legs, carrying an apple (?) in its bill has been painted on the apron, flying towards a red and yellow building. Alsace is written in yellow on the apron. The doll has a black felt jerkin (corselet) on, which has gold and black braid lacing up the front and around the bottom. Underneath the jerkin is the traditional white long-sleeved blouse with white lace around the cuffs. Hidden under her skirt, the doll is wearing long white pantaloons with lace around the cuffs.

The doll’s boots, which are part of her terracotta body, have been left the same colour as her skin.


The doll is holding a knitting needle with blue knitting on it in her left hand.


santon alsace
Handpainted face

Background information

See Santons text.

Source(s) of information

See Santons text.



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