santon bakery

France: Provencal santon figurine: baker

santon bakery
Santon with groceries

General description Elderly woman carrying bread, cakes and a chicken (handmade).

Dimensions: 28.0 cm x 13.0 cm x 12.0 cm

Date when acquired: 2009

Original Date: Unknown

Source: Provence, France (label: Syndicat des Santonniers de Provence; veritable Santon d’Argile)

Bought by Fritz at a flea market in the Bochum area, Germany.


Body Painted terracotta

sanotn bakery
Back view


This lady is wearing a white mob cap with a white lace bow around it on her head. Her long skirt is made of padded material with a design in browns, white and blue. Over her skirt she is wearing a light cream apron with a pattern of browns, greens and grey. She has a yellow long-sleeved blouse with a V-neck on covered by a light yellow shawl patterned with flowers in brown, grey, darkish yellow and blue. There is white lace around the edge of the shawl. Underneath her skirt is a long salmon-pink petticoat. The doll’s boots, which are part of her terracotta body, are painted black.


The doll is carrying a large wheel-shaped loaf of bread (clay) in her right hand, a white chicken (clay) with red wattles and comb hanging from her left hand and a wicker basket with 9 cakes on top of it held in the crook of her left arm as presents for the Holy Family.


santon bakery
Hand-painted face

Background information

See Santons text.

Source(s) of information

See Santons text.



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