France: Provencal santon figurine: gardener with garlic

santon figurine
Elderly lady with garlic

General description Elderly woman carrying strings of garlic (handmade).

Dimensions: 21.8 cm x 8.0 cm x 6.0 cm

Date when acquired: 2006

Original Date: Unknown

Source: Santons Yolande, Provence, France (label: Syndicat des Santonniers de Provence; veritable Santon d’Argile)

Bought by my mother in the Oxfam shop in Formby, England


Body Painted terracotta

santon grlic
Back view


The doll has a light cream coloured mob cap with white lace around it on her head. She is wearing a long dress with a design in browns, white and black. There is white lace around the cuffs. Over her dress is a cream apron and shawl. The shawl has light tan coloured lace around its edge. Under her dress the doll has on a pair of long underpants with lace around the ends of the legs.

The doll’s boots, white are part of her terracotta body, are painted dark brown.


The doll is carrying two strings of garlic (painted clay hanging on straw-like material), one in each hand as presents for the Holy Family.


santon garlic
Hand-painted face

Background information

See Santons text.

Source(s) of information

See Santons text.



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