Native North American traditional dress

Today, most Native North Americans wear contemporary US American or Canadian clothes in their daily lives; however, distinctive American Indian clothing styles still exist though they may be different to the costumes worn in pre-European times (see North Carolina Cherokee dolls). Many tribes still wear traditional Indian garments (e.g. buckskins, ribbon dresses, tear dresses and beaded moccasins) on formal occasions. Other types of clothing (such as breechcloth, leggings, headdress and dance shawl) are only worn at official gatherings (powwows) and religious ceremonies. Native North Americans, generally, use the word “regalia” for traditional clothing used for ceremonial occasions. “Native American costume” is often considered offensive, due to its long association with the rather tactless red-faced costumes worn at Halloween or other fancy dress occasions.

Source(s) of information (accessed 21 February, 2012).


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