peru with baby

Peru: Woman with baby (Andes region)

peru with baby
Peruvian womand with baby and llama

General description Peruvian woman dressed in the traditional costume of the region with a baby on her back and holding two strands of wool in her hands. She is standing on a thin square of wood. A llama, the wool-producing pack animal of the regions is standing beside her (it is made of wire and llama skin).

Dimensions 22.0 cm x 13.5 cm x 7.0 cm

Date when acquired August 2012

Original Date Unknown

Source Second-hand bric-a-brac shop in the Jordaan region of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The llama was bought in Peru by my former boss Prof. G.

peru with baby
Back view


The doll’s head and body is made out of clay (terracotta?), while her arms and legs are made of wire bound with thin light brown wool. The woman’s hair is painted on her head but at the front she has two plaits made of black wool, tied with pink wool. The baby is made of clay. Both dolls’ facial features are painted.



She is wearing a finely woven long-sleeved yellow woollen jacket (jobona) with red wool trim at the ends of the sleeves and two stripes down the front. A blue blouse can be seen peeping out in the V of the jacket. Her purple shawl (k’eperin) with which she is carrying her baby is made of wide-meshed wool and has yellow wool sewn around the edges.

She has a woollen orange skirt (pollera)with a multicoloured woven border (puyto; 2 cm wide) around the edge. Above this are single strands of blue, green and white wool sewn onto the skirt.

Her blue cotton petticoat is the same material as the blouse and maybe the whole is not a blouse and petticoat but a full length chemise.

Peru with baby
Design on crown of hat

Her coolie-style hat (montera) has a wide brim which covers the baby’ head too. The underside of the hat is red whilst the crown is black with a pattern of white geometric designs.

Baby peaking over Mum's shoulder


Only the baby’s head can be seen peeking up out of the shawl. The baby has a close fitting pale pink cap covering its head with green and pink woollen tassels coming from the point of the crown. This hat may represent the baby’s first chullo which has been made by its father.


The woman is holding two long lengths of wool (yellow and green) between her hands, which are metal loops covered in the fine light brown wool.



Background information

See Peru: General information



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