Italy: Italian lady

Front view
Front view

General description Doll representing an Italian lady rather than any traditional peasant costume. This is the first costume doll which was given to me when I was three by my mother’s employer Mr. Kay. Little did he know that he would start me off on a lifetime’s fascination with national costume dolls.

Dimensions:20 x 11 x 10 cm

Date when acquired: 1961

Original Date: 1961

Source: Bought somewhere in Italy by Mr. Kay.



This is a plastic doll with movable arms and weighted blue eyes; her legs are rigid. Her eyebrows, eyelashes and lips have been painted on. Her curly hair has a bun over the forehead to which a mantilla is sewn.


Rear view
Rear view


The doll is wearing a long skirt made of heavily ribbed black material with a swirling design of black sequins and beads on it. This is attached to her shoulders by black threads. Over the upper part of her body she has a silk shawl which once was bright red all over but now only in the creases; the rest has faded to a pink colour. Her black lace mantilla extends down to below her hips. Her underpants are made of the same lacy material as her mantilla.

Her white socks and red shoes are painted onto her legs.


Around her neck is a necklace made of white pearl-like beads.


Head with necklace and shawl
Head with necklace and shawl

Background information

For general information about Italian costumes see the Italy text.




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