Italy: Venice

Front view
Front view

General description Woman wearing traditional Venetian costume.

Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 7 cm

Date when acquired: 1974

Original Date: 1974

Source: Bought by myself in Venice. There is a label attached to her skirt which reads Venezia. Creazioni originale, Florence, Lela.



Rear view
Rear view

This is a plastic doll with rigid arms and legs. Her facial features have been painted on. Her brown hair is drawn tight over her forehead ending in a large bun at the nape of her neck. The bun is held on the right by two pins with beaded heads; one yellow, one red. On the left is a pale pink rose.



The doll is wearing a long skirt made of pink felt-like material. There is a band of black braid and a second band of green and gold braid around the skirt just above the hem. She has a white shiny long-sleeved blouse on. This is covered by a black lace shawl with very long fringes (that hang almost to the hem of her skirt). The shawl is held at the waist by a pink flower. Her underpants are of white cotton.

Her shoes are made of black plastic.


Head view showing details of the pendant and hair style
Head view showing details of the pendant and hair style


Around her neck is a gold chain with a piece of pale pink Murano glass as a pendant.´


Background information

For general information about Italian costumes see the Italy text



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