Italy(?) or Balkans region

Front view
Front view

General description Woman with traditional costume.

Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 8 cm

Date when acquired:  2000s

Original Date: Unknown

Source: Bought at a German flea market by Fritz.


Body This is a plastic doll with movable arms and legs. Her facial features have been painted on. Her black hair is drawn tight over her forehead. It is otherwise hidden under her scarf, but two plaits can be seen hanging down her back

Rear view
Rear view


The doll is wearing a knee-length skirt made of red shiny material with a thin cardboard lining. The skirt has white lace around the hem and then four bands of braid above the hem going from a straight band of green, gold and light brown on the edge of the skirt to three bands of rickrack braid in green/gold, yellow/gold and blue/gold, respectively.

She has on a blue blouse made of the same shiny material as the skirt. The sleeves finish at the elbows but have very wide white lace cuffs. There are two bands of lace going down each front of the blouse with a band of blue, gold and brown braid in the middle splitting up over the blouse’s V-neck. There is a red sequin with a blue bead at the point of the V. Around her waist is a black belt embroidered with a geometrical pattern in bronze, silver and gold. The ties of the belt are at the back and are held in place by a blue bead.

Under her skirt, she is wearing long white cotton tights.

On her head is a green scarf made of the same shiny material as the skirt and blouse. The scarf is draped in a triangle over her head and held in place with a red sequin and blue bead. The point of her scarf is attached to the blouse with the same sequin and bead combination as at the front.

Her shoes are made of red plastic.





Background information

I am not certain whether this doll is truly from Italy. From her costume she could indeed come from one of the Balkan countries, but which one I do not know.

For general information about Italian costumes see the Italy text



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