France: Provencal santon figurine: lavender cutter

Front view
Front view

General description Elderly woman carrying a sickle and a bundle of lavender

Dimensions 26 cm x 18 cm x 16 cm

Date when acquired 2013

Original Date Unknown

Source The base is signed D. Scaturro, the master Santon craftsman from Aubagne.

Flea market in Bochum region. Bought by Fritz


Body Painted terracotta.



Back view
Back view


The doll has on a long dress with a pattern of leaves and flower arranged in horizontal stripes in greys, whites and browns. It has long narrow sleeves and little white bead buttons down the bodice. On her head is a light cream-coloured mob cap with white lace around it and two long lace ribbons hanging down from it at the sides. She has a white lace shawl around her shoulders. In addition, the doll has a brown coarsely woven apron on, which she is using to carry the lavender she has gathered.

Her underclothes consist of a long petticoat and drawers made of white cotton trimmed with lace. Her white socks and black shoes are painted on as part of her terracotta body.


She has a lavender sickle in her right hand and a bundle of real lavender twigs in her apron, still smelling of lavender ready to give to the Holy Family.


Background information

See Santons text.

Source(s) of information

See Santons text.



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