Germany: Woman from Gutachen, Schwarzwald

Front view
Front view

General description Doll with typical costume of the village Gutachten in the Black Forest

Dimensions 14.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 6 cm

Date when acquired 2013

Original Date 1964, bought in Obersdorf, Bavaria, Germany

Source Present from Anne-Marie. Was given to her by her parents when she was a child. Named Bärbel with the number 1



Plastic doll with painted features, but movable arms and legs. She has long light brown hair drawn back from a central parting into two plaits tied with red ribbons.


Back view
Back view


The doll is wearing a Dirndl with a black silky skirt, black silky waistcoat, white cotton blouse and red silky apron. The skirt has a gold band sewn on just above the hem. The front of the waistcoat is decorated with a red and black band with edelweiss flowers running down the middle. Two gold bands run down each side of the central band and around the neck. The short-sleeved blouse has puff sleeves and lace around the cuffs. Her apron is gathered in pleats at the waist. It does not have any ties, being sewn onto the skirt.

She is wearing also white cotton underpants. Her white socks and low black shoes are painted onto the plastic.

She is wearing a typical Black Forest straw Bollenhut with four red pompoms on it. This indicates that she is unmarried. However, she is not wearing the silk mob cap typically of this headgear.



Bollen (pompoms)
Bollen (pompoms)

Background information

Gutachten is one of the three villages where the Bollenhut has been worn since the 1750s.


Source(s) of information

See Germany: Black Forest (Schwarzwald) for more information.



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