Germany: Burg, Spreewald, Brandenburg

Front view
Front view

General description A woman in festive Spreewald Sorbian costume

Dimensions 20 cm x 13 cm x 10 cm

Date when acquired 1990s

Original Date Unknown

Source Fritz W. Flea market in Bochum, Germany.



Soft plastic with movable arms and legs. She has movable eyes. Her hair is covered by her headdress, though the fringe which can be seen is pink plastic.


Back view
Back view


She is wearing a white short-sleeved cotton blouse with lace around the cuffs. Over this is a lilac silk shawl with white lace around the edge. The shawl is tucked at the front in her white lace apron, which is tied in the front with a white ribbon. This indicates that she comes from the town of Burg as they tie their aprons so. Her blue cotton skirt has white and blue lace around it. She has no stockings, though her low black shoes are painted on. She has, however, neither the velvet skirt nor waistcoat mentioned as being typical of this type of costume.

She has, nevertheless, the easily recognisable yellow headdress made of a large yellow silk scarf typical of the Sorbs in the Spreewald. It is decorated with blue and green embroidered flowers at the back and on each of the front “wings” of the headdress. The back of these “wings” have squares of green cotton on them, which serve to cover the cardboard support for the scarf. The yellow silk is edged in white lace.





Background information

See The Sorbs — General information



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