Germany: East Holstein (Ostholstein), Schleswig-Holstein

Front view
Front view

General description This female doll is wearing the traditional costume from Testdorf in East Holstein (Ostholstein) in Northern Germany used by an unmarried young woman.

Dimensions 15 cm x 10 cm x 6.5 cm

Date when acquired 2000s

Original Date Unknown

Source Flea market in Göttingen. She has a maker’s shield attached to her right wrist: Stoll’s Originale Trachtenpuppen.


Back view
Back view


Hard plastic with movable arms and legs. Her features are painted on. Her blonde hair is drawn back from a central parting into two plaits tied with pink ribbons.



She is wearing a short-sleeved black velvet jacket which is buttoned on the left side with a double row of white pearl buttons. The cuffs have white lace around them. Her skirt is made of dark red silk with a wide border made of two strips of lace with a black band between them. Her white silk apron is tied at the back and has a white lace trim. She has white underpants made of a stretchy material. Her stockings are painted on as are her low black shoes.

She has a small black velvet toque-like cap on the top of her head. This is hemmed with white lace and a long loop of white lace goes from the two sides of the hat and is fixed in the middle the centre of her chest.


Crown of hat
Crown of hat




Background information

Although the main part of this doll’s clothing are true to form, it does vary in that the apron is not embroidered. This type of Trachten is based on a 19th century milkmaid’s festive costume.

See Ostholstein information




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