Germany: Chiemgau, Bavaria

Front view
Front view

General description Doll wearing typical costume of a young unmarried woman

Dimensions 14 cm x 8 cm x 7 cm

Date when acquired 2013

Original Date 1965, bought in Sonthofen, Germany

Source Present from Anne-Marie. Was given to her by her parents when she was a child.




Plastic with movable arms but rigid legs. Her features are painted. Her blonde hair is pulled back from a central parting into a thick plait rolled up as a bun at the nape of the nape.


Back view
Back view


She is wearing a white, cotton puffed-sleeved blouse with lace around the cuffs. A dark dusky pink scarf is around her neck and tucked in behind her apron. The apron is of white cotton sprigged with groups of pink rose buds. The apron is tied at the front. Her long skirt is of black cotton and has white lace around the hem. Just above the hem is a green braid with red, white and yellow edelweiss flowers embroidered on it. She has a stiff white cotton petticoat on under her skirt and white drawers. Her short white socks and low black shoes are painted on.

She is wearing a broad-brimmed green felt hat (Rundschriebling) with a white fluffy feather at the back of the crown.

Crown of hat showing down feather
Crown of hat showing down feather



Background information

Even though this doll was marked as coming from Chiemsee, she is wearing the green round hat typical of an unmarried women from Berchesgaden (the Rundschriebling) instead of the Priener hat or Aschauer Hut worn in this region. Nor is she wearing the black bodice typical for the Chiemgau Tracht.

See Germany: Bavaria information.




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