Germany: Sonthofen, Oberallgäu, Bavaria (?)

Front view
Front view

General description Female in full traditional festive costume and halo hat (Radhaube)

Dimensions 16 cm x 9.5 cm x 8 cm

Date when acquired 2013

Original Date 1964 bought in Sonthofen, Germany

Source Present from Anne-Marie. Was given to her by her parents when she was a child.




Hard plastic body with movable arms but stiff legs. Her eyes can close. Her long auburn hair is pulled back from a central parting into two plaits tied with red ribbons.

Upper right leg had been broken sometime in the past (dislocation and fracture of the femoral head). I repaired it using Milliput, then my son accidentally knocked the leg off the cupboard where it was drying, so the knee had to be repaired with Milliput, too. The repaired leg is now glued on, but the doll cannot stand on her own anymore.


Back view
Back view


Her black brocade Dirndl-style dress has little black flowers embroidered on it. The hem has gold braid around it. On top, she is wearing a grey silk shawl with a long black fluffy fringe around it. The shawl is tucked into her pale pink silk apron. She has a stiff white cotton petticoat and underpants on under her skirt. Her short socks and low black shoes are painted on.

Her halo hat (Radhaube) is made of gold mesh. The halo is attached to a gold-meshed Juliette cap on the back of her head. A large pink ribbon covers the back of the halo.



No accessories


Background information

Reading the description of the Sonthofen Tracht and looking at this doll, it seems that this is a fantasy costume or actually belongs to another region (though Sonthofen was on her box). Only her halo hat (Radhaube) seems to fit the description.

See Sonthofen information.


Source(s) of information

See Sonthofen information.


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