Germany: Föhr, Schleswig-Holstein

Front view
Front view

General description Female doll in the Friesian costume typical for the island of Föhr

Dimensions 18 cm x 10 cm x 7cm

Date when acquired 2011

Original Date Unknown

Source Produced by Sweetheart in West Germany.

Flea market in Bochum region: present from Fritz.




Plastic body with movable arms, legs and eyes. Her blonde hair is drawn back from a central parting to two plaits down each side of her face. The plaits are tied with red wool.


Back view
Back view


She is wearing a Dirndl-style black dress with white lace around the cuffs, neck and hem. There is a blue braid embroidered with a gold, white and red stylised pattern of flowers running around the hem. The lower part of the dress’s skirt is stiffened with white cotton. She is wearing a black felt bodice decorated with three sea snail shells with a silver chain hanging between the two outer shells. Around her neck and tucked into the front of the bodice is a red silk shawl. Her apron is made of white lace. It is tied at the back with a white ribbon. She is wearing white underpants. Her white stockings are painted on. Her low black shoes are made of plastic.

She is wearing a black felt hat with the same braid at the front as that around the hem of her skirt but with a black background instead of blue. Two long black lace ribbons hang down from the sides of the braid to her wrists.


Close up of the top of the headdress showing embroidery
Close up of the top of the headdress showing embroidery




Close-up of the bodice jewellery
Close-up of the bodice jewellery

Background information

The doll does not have the extensive jewellery described for the Föhr costume but she does have chains and sea shells on her bodice which are to be seen in modern pictures of Föhr costumes. Instead of a complexly pinned headscarf and embroidered band, she has a simpler felt bonnet in the shape of the headscarf once it is pinned. Otherwise, the costume is very close to the original

See Föhr information





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