Germany: Munich, Bavaria

Front view
Front view

General description Doll in Dirndl costume but without a bodice.

Dimensions 15 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm

Date when acquired 1980s

Original Date 1980s

Source Bought by my parents in Munich, Germany






Hard plastic with movable arms, legs and eyes. Her light brown hair is drawn back from a central parting to a bun at the back of her head.


Back view
Back view


She is wearing a white cotton, high-necked blouse with puffed sleeves. There is white lace edging the sleeve cuffs. This is covered by a yellow brocade shawl with a fringe made of threads pulled from the brocade. The shawl is tucked in her blue silk apron. The apron is edged with white lace. The same white lace is used to hem the long black brocade skirt. A deep border of black braid embroidered with alpine flowers (edelweiss, gentians, etc.) in red, white, blue and green runs around the hem. She has a stiff white cotton petticoat on under her skirt. Her stockings are painted on. Her low black shoes are made of plastic. One has gone missing through the many moves I have made.


She has a black wide-brimmed hat on with a down feather on the left brim. This is typical of married women in the Berchtesgaden style, though without the gold cord or tassels.


Top view of hat showing crown and down feather
Top view of hat showing crown and down feather




Background information

See general information about Bavaria.




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