Germany: Black Forest region, possibly Villingen

Front view
Front view

General description Woman with a beautiful gold halo hat and a southern German costume

Dimensions 18 cm x 8.5 cm x 7 cm

Date when acquired 1980s

Original Date 1980s

Source Munich, Germany. Present from my parents.





Plastic body with moveable arms and legs. Her features are painted on. Her long brown hair is drawn back from a central parting and plaited from her temples, with the plaits drawn back and crossed over and fixed at the back of her head.


Back view
Back view


She is wearing a bodice and skirt ensemble made of a dark grey silky material decorated with a flower-like motive in light grey and black. Over this is a tartan silk shawl in maroon, blue, green and light beige, which is tucked in behind her beige apron. The lower hem of the apron is decorated with white lace, while it is fixed around the waist with a piece of green and gold braid. Her underpants are made of ribbed material while her white knee-length socks are painted on. Her black shoes are made of plastic.

She has a backwards-leaning filigree halo hat (Radhaube) on her head. The base (Bödele) is made of gold-coloured velvet and there is a white bow with long ribbons hanging down to her hips attached to the back of the bat. The front and side edges of the base are decorated with white lace.





Side view of the Radhaube
Side view of the Radhaube

Background information

The halo hat (Radhaube) of this doll seems to be related to those worn in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) region of Germany and due to its long white ribbons at the back appears to even be that of the town of Villingen. The dress or bodice/skirt ensemble is typical of this region; however, the frilled collar which is attached to the silk shawl is missing and the shawl has a tartan pattern and not the flowered one usually favoured. It is possible that the doll has a fantasy costume based on the Villingen Trachten.

See Villingen – General information




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