Austria: Upper Austria

Front view
Front view

General description This doll is wearing a dirndl ensemble typical of the Alpine region with a crocheted gold cloche-like hat.

Dimensions 17 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm

Date when acquired 2000s

Original Date Unknown

Source Flea market in the Bochum region. Present from Fritz W.





Plastic body with painted features. Her arms are movable but her legs are rigid. Her medium brown hair is drawn back from a central parting and plaited on each side of her face in two plaits held by gold hair bands.


Back view
Back view


Her full, ankle-length skirt is made of black cotton and has a band of gold and red braid just above the hem. Her high-necked black bodice is made of felt and has a piece of gold braid forming three sides of a square over her chest and two lines down the back of the bodice. Around the neck is a red silk collar. She is wearing a white cotton blouse with puffed short sleeves gathered at the elbow and trimmed with white lace around the cuffs. Her apron is made of a deep turquoise silk brocade with a flowered pattern in a slightly lighter turquoise and black. She has white cotton panties. Her ankle-length socks are painted on as are her low black shoes.

Her hat is a scalloped cloche hat crocheted with gold thread. It is gathered at the crown with a bow of black lace, so that a sort of curved tail formed at the back.


Side view showing curved back fo the gold hat or bonnet
Side view showing curved back fo the gold hat or bonnet




Background information

The doll’s dirndl costume shows that she comes from the Alpine region that stretches through Austria, southern Germany and Switzerland. From the shape of her gold hat, however, this doll most probably comes from Upper Austria. Nevertheless, instead of it being made of material embroidered with gold thread, sequins and beads, the hat is crocheted with thread in an old gold colour.

See Austria: Upper Austrian gold hats & Germany: Background information (dirndl)


Source(s) of information

See Upper Austria gold hats & Germany: Background information




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