Germany: Bavarian (?) girl

Front view
Front view

General description Young girl with typical Bavarian costume though with a cummerbund instead of a full bodice.

Dimensions 14 cm x 8 cm x 7 cm

Date when acquired 1980s

Original Date 1980s

Source Munich. Germany. A present from my parents





Plastic with moveable eyes, arms and legs. Her blonde hair is drawn back from a central parting and tied in two plaits, tied with red ribbons.


Back view
Back view


She has a red silk skirt on that has a firm white cotton material sewn as a lining to the lower two-thirds of the skirt. The edge of the lining is cut in a zig-zag that can be seen below the red material. A strip of gold braid is sewn above the hem. The apron is made of a cream brocade decorated with a flower pattern. The edges of the apron are covered with white lace. A light dove-grey shawl is wrapped around her neck and tucked into the front of her black felt cummerbund. The brocade of the shawl is made of the same material as the apron though in a different colour. Beneath the shawl and cummerbund, the girl is wearing a white short-sleeved blouse. The cuffs of the sleeves are edged with white lace. She is wearing cotton underpants, her stockings are painted on and her low black shoes are made of plastic.

She is wearing a green low-crowned, wide-brimmed hat typical of young girls in this region (Scheibling). It is decorated with a red plaited band around the crown and a white down feather.


Crown of hat showing the red band and down feather
Crown of hat showing the red band and down feather


A gold five-petalled flower brooch is pinned to the front of the cummerbund.


Background information

I have looked but not found a cummerbund (Kummerbund or Schärpe) in association with a Bavarian or Alpine traditional costume. However, the rest of the doll’s costume comes from this region.

See Germany: Bavaria




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