Cuba: Cuban woman

Front view
Front view

General description Elegant lady wearing a bata cubana dress and African-style headdress, standing on a round wooden plate

Dimensions 28 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm

Date when acquired 1990s

Original Date Unknown

Source Flea market in Bochum area. Present from Fritz W.



Her head and hands are made of clay (terracotta?) painted dark brown. Her features are also painted. Her arms and one leg are made of padded wire. Her body also seems to be made in the same manner. She has a small roll of black hair peeping out from her headscarf above her forehead.


Back view
Back view


Her figure-hugging bata cubana dress is made of royal blue silk. Light pink silk is used to edge the ruffle around her neck, the two ruffles at the lower end of the dress’s skirt and the cuffs of her long sleeves. It also forms a belt around her waist. Her headscarf is made of the same royal blue silk as the body of her dress.

Over her shoulders is a large fringed silk shawl painted in a rose and leaf pattern in red, pink, white and green



She has large brass ear-rings and is carrying a basket made of fine rope on her head. The contents of the basket are hidden by a red cloth of the same material as her shawl.


Side view
Side view

Background information

See Cuba: general information


Source(s) of information

See Cuba: general information



2 thoughts on “Cuba: Cuban woman

  1. Hello, I came across this website as I was looking to purchase for a certain doll and this doll is exactly what I am looking for. My question is if you are selling this specific doll and how much are you selling it for? If you can please get back to me about this information I would greatly appreciate it because I am extremely interested in purchasing this doll. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

    1. Sorry but I am not up for selling any of my dolls. I am blogging htem to find other people who are interested in national costumes etc as my friends just smile at my interest. Good luck with your search

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