Venezuela: Venezuelan woman

Front view
Front view

General description Young working Venezuelan woman

Dimensions 20.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 10 cm

Date when acquired 1960s

Original Date 1960s

Source Caracas, Venezuela. Present from my father.



Her body is made of felt on a wire frame, while her head is made of wood. Her features are painted on. Her hair is made of black wool and is drawn back from a central parting into a single thick plait falling down below her hips. She is standing on a thin block of wood cut from a tree branch, with the word Venezuela written on it in black ink.


Back view
Back view


The doll is wearing a blouse and skirt ensemble typical of Venezuelan women. Her white low-cut, short-sleeved blouse has a lace ruff around the neck. The same lace is attached to her medium-length cotton skirt. The skirt is decorated with a pattern of large red, yellow, cream and green flowers. A broad black felt belt is tied around her waist.

Her white open-weaved petticoat is highly starched to hold out the skirt. It also has lace around its hem. She is wearing a pair of white cotton drawers.

On her feet are a pair of the open-toed sandals typical of Venezuela called alpargatas.



She is wearing small circular green ear-rings and is holding a long red straw basket on her head. A couple of small paper fish used to be in the basket but they disappeared on one of our many moves over the past 50 years.


Background information

See Venezuela: General information

(6.6.1 )


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