USA: 1960s girl (I)

Front view
Front view

General description Young Afro-American woman dressed in the latest fashion: a mini-skirt

Dimensions 33 cm x 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm

Date when acquired 1967

Original Date 1967

Source Cincinnati, USA. A present from my father.



Padded wire base with a dark brown nylon covering. The head is made out of a hollow plastic material also covered with dark brown nylon. The features are painted on. Her hair is made of light blue loops to form curls around her face. The wires of the legs are drawn through a metal base and embedded in a square of wood. The round metal base has a wooden circle to give it stability.


Back view
Back view


She has a very short white cotton mini-skirt with a blue velvet short-sleeved tunic over the top. She has no shoes on but tasselled ankle chains on both feet.

She has a woven straw hat with a pointed crown and a very wide brim turned up onto the crown. The edge of the brim is covered with red braid. A white cotton band is around the crown.



Around her neck is a silver chain with a large silver ring at the end.


View form the left
View from the left

Background information

As the mini became fashionable in 1965/6, this doll is in the height of fashion. This girl doll with the other 1960s girl were sold as a pair, interesting as the African-American Civil Rights movement (1954–68) was still fighting for equality in the USA. This pair of girls were symbols of equality, though at the age of 9 and living in the UK, I did not know this at the time.

See The Mini.




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