Greece: Presidential guard (2)

Front view
Front view

General description: Man in the summer uniform of a Greek presidential guard (Evzones), an elite ceremonial unit that guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens. The crimson waistcoat may indicate that he is supposed to be a captain of the guard, but he is missing the other important parts of the captain’s uniform.

Dimensions 16.5 x 9 x 5 cm

Date when acquired 2016

Original Date Unknown

Source Flea market in Göttingen. Present from Aneta.


Back view
Back view


Plastic body with rigid legs. The upper arms are made of wire, while the lower arm is white plastic. The head is plastic with painted facial features. His short black hair is made of wool.



This soldier is wearing a short white pleated cotton skirt (foustanella) that goes down to mid-thigh [the skirt has far less material than the older doll (1)] and a white high-collared shirt with very wide three-quarter-length sleeves (ypodetes). He is also wearing a scarlet felt waistcoat (fermili) with rectangular flaps hanging down the sleeves. Gold and white braid has been used to decorate the edges of the waistcoat and the flaps. There is also a sequin placed at the top of his shirt.

His legs are covered with long white woollen stockings (periskelides). He is wearing black silk garters (epiknemides) with tassels on the outside of the legs. Apparently, the garters should be blue for a captain or indeed red-and-gold gaiters. On his feet are red plastic (in original leather) clogs (tsarouchia) with black pompons (foundes; singular: founda).

On his head is a red cap (megalo fesi) made of a silk-like material with a long black silk tassel instead of the fez-like farion. Again he may therefore be an Islander.


Side view
Side view




Background information

The uniform of the officers is closer to the original dress worn by the Greek rebels (klephts). Its main differences are the longer kilt (fustanella), the more elaborate waistcoat (fermeli) in Tyrian purple (crimson) with gold embroidery, whose sleeves are worn closed on the arms instead of being fastened to the coat, red-and-gold gaiters (touzloúkia) that cover the whole lower leg worn over red trousers, and red boots (stavália). Their rank is indicated below the national emblem on their hat (farion). During ceremonies, they are armed with a pála, a kilij-style sword.


Evzone captain with two soldiers from the islands
Evzone captain with two soldiers from the islands (credit see below)

Source(s) of information

See Greece: Presidential guard (1) & Greece: General information



Captain of the guard with soldiers wearing islanders’ uniforms – By Robin from England – athens075, CC BY 2.0,

(1.8.2 )



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