Greece: Woman in an Amalia costume (1)

Front view
Front view

General description: Woman wearing the traditional costume of urban Greek women from the mid-19th century onwards, carrying a basket on her head.

Dimensions 18 x 12 x 7 cm

Date when acquired 1974

Original Date 1974

Source Athens, Greece. A present from my father.


Back view
Back view


Plastic with rigid legs and movable arms. Her facial features are painted on what seems to be material stretched over a plastic base (same as with the Presidential Guard 1)



The doll is wearing a white silk dress with long very wide sleeves and a wide skirt down to her ankles. The lower part of the sleeves and the skirt are decorated with two bands of rickrack braid. The top one white with bronze thread and the lower one gold with green thread. Over the dress is a long jacket or coatdress. Its silk was at one time dark blue, but now it is more a dark bluey grey due to the effects of sunlight. The sleeves go to the elbows and are edged with gold braid. The jacket is open at the front and is held in place with a band of the same material as that used for the jacket. The braid on the sleeves is also down the front of the top part of the jacket to the waist. Below the waist the front of the jacket is turned back showing a red silk panel (gore) sewn back on each side. These panels are decorated with two strips of rickrack braid in gold with green thread separated by a piece of gold braid.

A row of four metal coins are sewn across her chest. They were at one time gold in colour but due to aging are now rather rusty. A red silk scarf is tied around her head and neck. It has green stem stitch worked around its hem. She is wearing long white stockings and low black plastic shoes.


Side view with stone to keep her upright
Side view with stone to keep her upright


A wicker basket is on her head with a large white muslin cloth edged in white lace covering it.


Background information

See Greece: General information

(1.8.3 )



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