Greece: Woman in an Amalia costume (2)

Front view
Front view

General description: Woman wearing the traditional costume of urban Greek women from the mid-19th century onwards, carrying a basket on her head.

Dimensions 32.5 x 21 x 12 cm

Date when acquired 2000s

Original Date 2000s

Source Bochum flea market. Present from Fritz.



Plastic with rigid legs. The facial features are painted on. The lower arms are plastic but the upper arms are made of wire to put the arms in position. Her hair is made of thin black wool and is arranged in with a central parting though most of it is hidden beneath her headscarf.


Back view
Back view


She is wearing a form of Amalia costume with a green silk long-sleeved dresscoat with wide knee-length coat tails. It is open at the front and held in place by a belt made of black material with a Greek geometrical design in silver embroidered on it. The coat has gold braid around the edges of the front and hem. Above the waist the gold is striped with red and green. Two panels (gores) of white lace with a pinky brown colour are sewn to the front of the skirt. On each side of the panels are strips of bronze rickrack braid. White lace edging is on the cuffs. Under her jacket is a white silk shirt. Across her chest are five gold coins held in place with pink beads.

Under the jacket is a red silk apron edged with piece of gold, red and green braid with a looped golden fringe that peeps out from below the jacket. The apron is decorated with two vertical stripes of black lace with a strip of red woven braid sewn on with yellow silk and a strip of red braid sewn on with red silk.

Under the apron is a yellow silk underskirt that falls to below the knees. It is reinforced with stiffened open-weave white cotton. Around the hem is a band of black braid with stripes in yellow, bronze and green. The top third of the underskirt is just the stiffened cotton.

She is wearing long white stockings and a pair of low black shoes. A white silky scarf is wrapped around her head and twisted around her neck.


Side view
Side view


She is carrying a white basket made of stiffened open-weave cotton on her head. The basket is covered with a piece of white lace.


Background information

See Greece: General information




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