Croatia: Unmarried woman in traditional Dalmatian costume (2)

Front view
Front view

General description: This doll is a variation of the other doll (1), though she is not so well made.

Dimensions 18 x 10 x 7 cm

Date when acquired 2000s

Original Date Unknown

Source Flea market in Bochum area. Present from Fritz


Back view
Back view


Plastic with movable arms and legs. The head is made of a soft plastic. The facial features are painted on. Her brown hair is parted in the middle and plaited in two plaits at each side of her head. The plaits are curved back so they form two loops from the front to the back of her head (though they do not cover her head properly allowing a large area of pink plastic to exposed to view).


Side view
Side view


She is wearing a long white long-sleeved linen dress (košulja) with red woven braid (with yellow and purple) around her cuffs. The neck and front of the bodice are decorated with the same type of braid but in a wider format. At the front of her neck, she has a large tassel made of yellow wool.

Over the dress, she is wearing a long white linen apron (ogrnjač or pregjača) with the braid from the bodice decorating the hem. She has a broad black sash (tkanica) around her waist with a long red ribbon tied at the front over it, indicating the two sashes usually worn with this style of costume. She is also wearing a bolero-style jacket (jačerma) in black felt and decorated around the edges with single-looped gold braid.

Long white stockings (bječve) cover her legs and on her feet are red half-shoes made of paper maché (?). Maybe these are supposed to represent the stockings and red leather slippers (crvene papuce) worn for festive occasions.

On her head is a flat red felt brimless cap (bareta or crvenkapa) with a border of double-looped gold braid. This is typical for an unmarried young woman.





Background information

See Woman in traditional Dalmatian costume (1). This doll is not only missing the chemise but also the petticoat too.


Source(s) of information

See Croatia: General information

Sacha Lethborg:




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