Hungary: Hungarian woman (Kalotaszeg?) (1)

Front view
Front view

General description: Unmarried woman possibly in the traditional costume of Kalotaszeg in Transylvania.

Dimensions 40 x 36 x 24 cm

Date when acquired 1968

Original Date 1968

Source Budapest, Hungary. This is the first doll I bought myself (I was 10).


Back view
Back view


Her body, arms and legs are made of padded material. Her head is made of china and has painted features. She has fine long black hair drawn back from her forehead and tied with a ribbon in a plait that reaches to her waist.



She is wearing a white puffed-sleeved cotton blouse which is gathered at the neck. Her puffed sleeves reach to her elbows and the cuffs are edged with white lace and decorated with pink ribbons. Over her blouse is a red felt waist-length waistcoat, the front of which is decorated with four types of braiding: an open-worked green braid with a design of flowers, a golden braid, a green rickrack braid and underneath a piece of yellow silk ribbon. Her long skirt is made of green silk brocade with a flower pattern woven into it. The skirt is lined with pink cotton that peeps out under the hem. A piece of white braid with a design of red flowers and green leaves runs around the skirt 3 cm above the hem. This is bordered on both sides by narrow stripes of red braid.

Edge of petticoat
Edge of petticoat

Under the skirt are two white cotton petticoats each edged with white braid with a geometric design in green and black. The edge of the braid is woven so it looks like tiny pleats. She is wearing a pair of white cotton underpants. Her shoes are made of cardboard and plastic and are in the form of the traditional Hungarian mules (backless clogs).

Over her skirt is an apron made of white brocade. It is decorated with various different types of braid: three types which follow the almost triangular form of the apron — narrow gold, black with a design of pink rosebuds and green leaves, and dark green with a red centre. Along the bottom is a woven red and orange braid, with a strip of narrow yellow with an orange centre. Both sides and the bottom of the apron are edged with red silk braid with long fringes.

Close up of párta
Close up of párta

On her head is the traditional párta, an arched headdress made of black material worn by unmarried women. It is decorated with artificial flowers, blue and red beads and a piece of gold braid. On each side of the gold braid, pink ribbon is sewn in ruffles and then used to tie the headdress at the back of the head.


Side view showing the width of her skirt
Side view showing the width of her skirt


She has a choker-like necklace of red, yellow, colourless and black beads around her neck

Background information

Looking at various pictures and the description of the costume, this doll appears to be from Kalotaszeg in Transylvania.

 Source(s) of information



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