Hungary: Hungarian woman (Kalotaszeg?) (2)

Front view
Front view

General description: Woman wearing Hungarian traditional dress

Dimensions 23 x 12 x 9 cm

Date when acquired 2015

Original Date Unknown

Source Flea market in Göttingen. Present from Aneta


Back view
Back view


Material body, arms and legs with a porcelain head. The features are painted on. Her hair is made of black wool and is drawn back from a central parting into a long single plait that is turned up at the back, so it reaches the top of her head.



She is wearing a long, puffed-sleeved blouse with green lace around the cuffs. There is white lace at the front of the neck. Over this she is wearing a short red waistcoat made of a silky material and decorated with gold braid around the neck and down the front. She is wearing a silky pinky-grey full skirt with white lace around the hem and a pieced of red, white and green braid around the top of the lace. These are the colours of the Hungarian flag.

She is wearing a white cotton petticoat and short drawers under her skirt. Over the skirt is an almost oval shaped apron made of black material embroidered with white and red flowers with leaves. The edges of the apron are hemmed with gold braid with very long fringing. The apron is tied at the back with a long red ribbon.

On her head is a triangular headdress made of green felt and decorated with round and oblong beads in red, black, blue and yellow. At the front of the design is a single golden sequin. This is a párta, the headdress of an unmarried woman.


Side view
Side view




Background information

Looking at the more modern versions of Hungarian national costume dolls, this doll appears to be a standard production for tourists. Again the origin of the costume appears to be Kalotaszeg in Transylvania.

Source(s) of information



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