Hungary: Hungarian woman (Upper Hungary?)

Front view
Front view

General description: Married woman possibly in a costume from Upper Hungary

Dimensions 28 x 13 x 13 cm

Date when acquired 1967

Original Date 1967

Source Budapest, Hungary. A present from my father,


Back view
Back view


Material body, arms and legs with a porcelain head. Her blonde hair is drawn back from a central parting into two plaits that wound around the back of her head and under her hat.


Side view
Side view


She is wearing a puffed sleeved blouse made of white cotton. The sleeves reach down to just above her elbows. The blouse has a white lace collar. Over her blouse she has a blue linen shawl decorated with red fringing and a yellow rickrack braid. The shawl is tied at the back of her waist. She is wearing a very short red cotton skirt with a floral pattern in cream and black. The hem is edged with a narrow band of white cotton, with the seam covered with yellow rickrack braid. Under her skirt she has a plain white cotton petticoat and short drawers. She has a white poplin apron with a blue ribbon tying it around her waist. The bow is at the front. The edge of the apron has white lace sewn to it. She is also wearing a pair of bright red boots up to her knees made of painted papier-mâché.

Her headdress is a high-crowned brimless hat made of grey linen with a circular pattern in black. The crown is decorated with white lace around the top and bottom edges with red zig-zag braid and a strip of plain yellow braid in the middle. A small yellow bead is placed at the front of the bottom and three large shiny black beads at the top. The central black bead being surrounded by a rosette made of red ribbon. At the back of the hat is a red ribbon held in place by a black sequin.


top of headdress showing how the material is gathered together
Top of headdress showing how the material is gathered together




Background information

Due to her great age (nearly 50 years old), the white of the cotton has browned and the blue ribbon has become very pale. She is still very pretty though and her headdress appears to be typical of those of married women from Kazár-Maconka in Upper (Northern) Hungary. On special holidays, the women of this region wear two blouses. One is starched, and on top of it they put a second blouse, made of tulle or cambric. Due to how the doll is made I cannot check this.  However, the doll has the typical shoulder shawl tied across her chest. She also has the very short skirt and petticoats typical of certain villages around around Szécsény (Hollókő, Rimóc and Lóc). However, the combination worn by the doll is not specific to any one of these villages.


Source(s) of information



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