Sweden: East Gotland girl

Front view
Front view

General description: Unmarried girl from Skedevi, a village in East Gotland, Sweden

Dimensions 16 x 9 x 6 cm

Date when acquired 1987

Original Date 1987

Source A shop in Falun, Dalarna, Sweden. Her label says “Östergötland, Skedevi”. She was made by Billy Jacobson, Dockatelje AB, Sweden.



Her body and (rigid) limbs are made of plastic. Her head is made of a form of plaster and has painted on features. Her long blonde hair has a central parting and is formed into two plaits. Because her plaits can be seen, she is obviously unmarried.


Back view
Back view


Her skirt and apron are made of homespun woollen materials. The skirt is three-quarter length and is basically red with patterned stripes of yellow, black green and white. The apron (forklade) covers the front of the skirt and is almost the same length. It is made of a white woven material with stripes of red, yellow, light blue, and dark blue. She is also wearing a white long-sleeved linen blouse with a red felt bodice. The lower edge of the bodice is scalloped and hemmed in blue silk. Around her throat she has a cotton scarf (sjan) which covers her shoulders and forms two points at the front and a single point at the back. Smocking stitches in white, pink and blue has been embroidered in a panel along the outer edge of the scarf. The scarf is held in place by a silver brooch in the form of a strawberry with three leaves.

Under her skirt she has white linen panties and knitted red socks that go over her knees. Her shoes are made of black plastic.

Not only her hairstyle but also her silk cap (bindmossa) indicates that she is unmarried. Her cap is made of black silk (slightly greyed nowadays) silk cap with white lace around the front rim.


Side view
Side view




Background information

East Gothland (Östergötland) is one of the traditional provinces of Sweden in the south of Sweden.


Source(s) of information


Medieval clothing and textiles. Vol. 4, by Robin Netherton & Gale R. Owen-Crocker

(1.20.1 )



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