Poland: Young married woman from Krakow

Front view
Front view

General description: A young married woman from Krakow


Woman 24 x 14 x 9 cm

Unpainted oblong wooden base 9 x 6 x 1.6 cm

Date when acquired 2016

Original Date 02/1989


Back view showing original red colour of the skirt
Back view showing original red colour of the skirt

Source The base has the following words under it: Tradycja Spoldzielnia Pracy WYTWÓRCÓW; REKODTIELA, LUDOWEGA, I ATYSTYCZNEGO, Czechowice – Dz. O/Opole, ul. Reymonta 17. Autor C-2604, Symbol S020-117/87 Nazwa Krakowianka, gatunke I, Data prod. 02/1989 Cena umowna, 4800, wzor zatw. przez TAKK-TEKK.

It also has the Cepelia logo (see the couple from Krakow for more information)

Present from Fritz W.; found at a flea market in the Göttingen area.


Side view
Side view


Handmade doll with clay or papier maché (?) head and painted features. Her arms are made of padded wire, while the legs and most probably the body are made of clay or papier maché. Her hands seem to be carved from wood and painted white. The doll is standing on an oblong block of wood.

The woman’s fine straight blonde hair has a central parting, but is hidden under her scarf. When the back of the scarf is lifted a little pony tail can be seen.


Close up of bodice showing embroidery and tassels
Close up of bodice showing embroidery and tassels


The young woman is wearing a wide skirt down to mid-calf. It was originally red but has faded to a pink colour apart from a few places at the front, the back and on the inside of the skirt. It has flowers painted on it in blue, white, yellow and black, with green leaves. The lower edge of the skirt has a row of white sequins sewn on it. Her apron is made of white tulle, with three white zigzags sewn 2 cm above its lower hem. The three sides of the apron have a scalloped white lace edging sewn onto it. The waist of the apron is held in place by a belt made of two layers of stiffened cotton, white on top and pink underneath. The lower part of the belt is incised to give a crenelated edge. Under her skirt is a white cotton petticoat with white lace on the hem. Her white cotton underpants are knee-length and trimmed with lace and white embroidery. She has a long plain white cotton blouse on with lacy ruffs at the cuffs and around her neck.

Her beige bodice is decorated with a pattern of red and white beads with pink zigzags around the neck line, armholes, down the front and around the back in a U-form. A gold braid is sewn in place around the neck and armholes and a U-shape on the back with a white zigzag. Three pink tassels decorate each side of the front of the bodice. Around her neck is a coral necklace with two loops. On her head, she is wearing a scarf covering her hair in a light pink material similar to that of the skirt. A row of white sequins are sewn around the front of the scarf.

On her feet are (painted on) black boots reaching midway up her calves. White stockings are painted on above them


Lace of the petticoat and underpants
Lace of the petticoat and underpants




Background information

See Poland: young couple from Krakow. Her scarf is an indication that she is a married woman.


Source(s) of information

See posting: Poland: young couple from Krakow

(1.15.8 )



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