Poland: Woman from Krakow (?)

Front view
Front view

General description: Young unmarried Polish woman with waistcoat (see below) and headdress indicating that she may come from Krakow.

Dimensions 39 x 22 x 17 cm

Date when acquired 2000s

Original Date Unknown

Source Flea market in the Bochum area. Present from Fritz W.


Back view
Back view


Plastic doll with movable eyes, arms and legs. Her long white blonde hair is parted in the middle and tied in two plaits at the back going down to her waist.



Her costume is made up of a skirt, blouse, waistcoat, boots and headdress. The wide knee-length skirt is made of red brocade decorated with blue and white flowers. Her white cotton petticoat has lace around the edging, which peeps out from under the skirt. She also has white cotton underpants on. Her white cotton blouse has puffed sleeves down to the elbows with a wide cuff of dark cream lace. The same lace has been used to make a round collar that extends to the top of her arms. The black, armless waistcoat is decorated with embroidery and sequins and gold braid. The skirt of the waistcoat is cut into six panels (lappets). Around the edges of the neck, armholes, front and lappets is a line of red stem stitch, with a row of silver cross stitch. Gold braid runs down the front of the waistcoat, while large flowers done in red daisy stitch and white straight stitch decorate the front and back. Dark green leaves have been embroidered too. Each of the sequins is held in place with a red bead. The waistcoat is laced up the front with a peach-coloured ribbon.

Her high laced boots are made of dark tan leather.

Her headdress is formed by a triangle with a point over the middle of her forehead. The triangle is tied in place with a light brownish silk band with 5 ribbons down the back in light brown (2), white (2) and yellow (1) silk. The red material of the triangle is covered in small rosettes made of the same ribboning material, with a single rosette made of green in the centre and a two-pronged green rosette sticking out at the top with silver thread between the prongs.


Side view
Side view


Around her neck is a choker made of a double row of red beads.


Background information

The waistcoat (Gorset), is the most variable part of the Krakow costume. This doll’s waistcoat is of the standard Malopolska (Southern/Lesser Poland) cut, with narrow shoulder straps, lacing or hooking closing the front, and usually finished off with lappets at the waist.


Source(s) of information


(1.15.6 )



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