Poland: Goral man from Podhale Region

Front view
Front view

General description: Man in the traditional dress of the Goral

Dimensions Doll: 12.5 x 9 x 6 cm; base; 6 x 6 x 0.9 cm

Date when acquired 2009

Original Date Unknown

Source Originally from Poland. Under the base, the label says “Lalki Regionalne, Góral Zakopianski, Symbol K.C. Cepelia 20-2/66,Wzór C40/04, Spóldezienia Pracy, Przemyslu Artystyczn…., Im. Stansslawa Wyspianskieg….., Kraków, ul. Katarzyny 2 (the …. show where the label is damaged)

Flea market in Göttingen.


Back view
Back view


Papier maché head and hands. The body and arms seem to be padded wire. The features are painted on. The doll has short auburn hair and long sideburns.

He is standing on a round base made of pale wood.



The man is wearing a suit made of thick white woollen material. He is wearing his jacket (sukmana) with only one arm in the exceeding long sleeve. The cuffs and hems of the jacket are lined with a green basting. The jacket is embroidered with a line of red stem stitch and a green zig-zag around the neck. At the front is a floral design in green and red. The matching trousers have a black band running down the outer leg seams (typical of Goral trousers). The front of trousers is embroidered with a geometrical design in black and red (parzenica embroidery). His white linen shirt is closed at the back and has a high collar. The sleeves are puffed and gathered in to tight cuffs. Around his waist is a typical wide mountaineer’s leather belt with a geometrical silver decoration (slightly damaged) on the front. His shoes are the typical flat leather shoes (kierpce).

On his head is the black felt hat with a low crown and wide brim. Around the crown is a band of braid in red and white.


Side view
Side view




Background information

See Poland: Goral

For the Cepelia symbol: see Poland: Krakow couple

(1.15.4 )


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