Poland: Goral woman from Podhale Region

Front view
Front view

General description: Young unmarried Goral woman

Dimensions Doll: 17.5 x 8 x 6 cm; base; 6.2 x 6.2 x 0.4 cm

Date when acquired 2000s

Original Date Unknown


Originally from Poland. The label on the base says: SPOLDZIELNIA PRACY R.L.iA. im. At Wyspiaskiego-Kraków, LALKI REGIONALE, SWW 2826-121-064-905-W, Lalka ludowna pojedyncza h-18, gat. 1 Cena umowna, HAND MADE, wzór zatwierdzony przez EKK. Additionally, Góralka has been written by hand.

Flea market in Bochum area; present from Fritz W.


Side view
Side view


The head seems to be made out of papier maché but the legs, hands and body are of plastic. Her features are painted on. Her long blonde hair is drawn back from the forehead to form a long plait down to below her hips.

She is standing on a round unvarnished wooden base.



Her costume consists of a skirt, bodice, blouse and large shawl. Her skirt is made of stiffened green cotton and is plaited with roses in pink, white and red, with green leaves. Her stiffened white cotton petticoat is slightly shorter than the skirt and is trimmed with lace. Her red cotton bodice has lappets cut into the lower edge. The edges of the bodice are painted with a yellow band. The front of the bodice has a flower design on both side. The centre of the flower is yellow while the petals are white. Many green leaves finish off the pattern. A large bow made of woven pink and yellow threads is tied at the front of the bodice and the long ends hang down the front of the skirt (they are a little frayed nowadays). The rounded neck of the bodice is covered by the frilled collar of the white cotton blouse. The blouse sleeves are long and have frills at the cuffs. The large yellow cotton shawl over her shoulders is almost as long as her skirt. It is painted with the same rose design as the skirt along the bottom edge and on the back.

Her white socks and brown shoes are painted on.


Back view
Back view


Around her neck are three chains of red beads, mimicking the amber beads so popular in Poland.


Background information

See Goral: General information

(1.15.7 )



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