Italy: Piedmont

Front view

General description: Doll with traditional Piedmontese costume, but the Piedmont region is so diverse and as I have not found which region this comes from nor any pictures showing this particular hat, I wonder if it is just a fantasy costume.

Dimensions 19.5 x 9 x 9.5 cm

Date when acquired July 2017

Original Date Unknown

Source KIM second shop in Göttingen. It has a label stuck to the apron saying 42 Piedmonte.


Back view showing basket


Plastic doll with non-movable arms and legs. Her features are painted on. Her long dark blonde hair is drawn back from a middle parting in two thick plaits going down to her waist. She is standing on a circular black plastic base (dia. 4.4 cm).


Side view


This lady is wearing an ensemble consisting of blouse, waistcoat, skirt, apron and headdress. The blouse is made of fine white lawn and its short-sleeved puffed sleeves end at the elbow with cuffs of white lace. The round neckline has a ruff of white lace. The black felt waistcoat has a piece of red material in the V of the neckline, made by laying the left front of the waistcoat over the right front. The long wide skirt is made of shiny material in two horizontal panels, a dark blue one from the waist to the knees and then red to the floor. The seam between these is hidden below a band of gold braid. The skirt is stiffened by white material stuck to the inside of the skirt. The light grey apron is tied by a lilac ribbon in a bow at the back. The front of the apron is decorated by a piece of gold and red braid. Her underclothes are just a pair of white cotton panties. She is wearing low black plastic shoes.

Crown of headdress

On her head is a headdress made of white lawn and lace. A large ruff of pleated and stiffened lawn is attached to a band of white ribbon going around her head and tied at the nape. The pleats are hemmed with white lace as is the ribbon at the front. The ruff stands up over the back of her head and looks a little like a coiffe soleil (a sunburst hat; see below) but stands directed backwards and not like a sunburst around her head.The sunburst hat looks a little like the halo hats of the Alpine Region (Austria and Germany).



She is carrying a basket with flowers on her back, possibly indicating she is a flower seller.


Piedmontese ladies

Background information

Piedmont is one of the 20 regions of Italy and lies in its north-west at the foot of the Alps, bordering France and Switzerland. The capital of Piedmont is Turin. Although the name Piedmont was first mentioned in 1193, this region in Italy has only had its present political form since the end of World War II. It certainly was not always called Piedmont and is not a uniform entity but the result of centuries of political development.

The main language is Italian, though many inhabitants speak the regional Piemontish (developed in 17th century). In the remoter regions people speak Occitan, Franco-Provençal or Walliser German, reflecting the different peoples who live in this area.

Looking at the pictures in the search machine when Piedmont is researched, then there are many different styles of traditional clothing to be found. However, none of which match those seen on this doll. The closest I could find was the picture above, but the description only refers to Piedmont and not the specific town or village.

Source(s) of information



From pnterest pin number 31243791138377026



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