Russia: Unmarried Russian girl

Front view

General description: Unmarried girl wearing a special headdress kokoshnik showing off her long hair and a sarafan dress ensemble typical of European Russia. This is my largest doll.

Dimensions 56 x 37 x 20 cm

Date when acquired 2000s

Original Date 2000s

Source Flea market in the Bochum area. Present from Fritz W.


Back view


Plastic doll with moveable eyes, arms and legs. Her blonde hair is drawn back from a central parting to form a single long plait tied with two red ribbons: a small one at the end and a long one attached to her headdress and tied at the nape of her neck. The ends of this ribbon fall down to below her knees.



The doll’s long sarafan dress is made of red cotton painted with grape vines in green and yellow down the front of the skirt and in a broad band around the bottom of the skirt. Under this is a narrow band of green ribbon sewn  on to the skirt, a band of green vine leaves painted on the material and then a band of yellow zig-zag braid is sewn directly on the lower edge of the skirt. The same yellow braid is sewn around the neck and armholes. The sarafan is buttoned up the back with five white buttons. A long narrow cream braid sash is tied around the waist with its ends falling to almost the bottom of the skirt. Tassels made from red and yellow wool are attached to the ends of the braid.

Her white cotton blouse (dunyasha) has long slightly puffed sleeves gathered at the cuffs. The blouse is gathered around the neck with darts. Yellow zig-zag braid is sewn to the cuffs and neck and just below the shoulders of the sleeves. A line of green ribbon like that on the skirt is sewn above this sleeve decoration.

Under the skirt is a stiffened white cotton petticoat. A ruffle forms the lower edge of the petticoat and its hem is covered with white lace. The doll is also wearing a pair of white cotton underpants.

The doll’s red boots are made of plastic.

On the doll’s head is a headdress in the form of a tiara, the so-called kokoshnik. It is made of plastic but is cut to form a meshwork of geometric designs, decorated with green beads. On each side of the kokoshnik, by the ears, lies a single chain of five green beads. The kokoshnik is held in place with a red silk ribbon tied around the back of the neck and in a bow around the top of the plait.

Side view


She is wearing two bead necklaces around her neck: a smaller one with green beads and a larger one with red beads.


Background information

See Russia: general information.



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